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‘Raising the Bar Together’ Call for Artists


Raising the bar together (RTBT) is an opportunity to discover new and inventive ways of working in DC era (During Covid era!) whilst informing the production of a best practice tool kit / event for artists, galleries and arts organisations to embrace disabled artists by removing unwittingly placed barriers to opportunities.  

RTBT will create a level playing field for collaboration between four disabled and non-disabled artists.


Eligibility: Artists living and working in Wales with varying experiences of disability or none.


Commission budget: Each artist will receive a mentor, a fee of £900 plus help towards accessibility costs if required.


Deadline for application: 30/08/2020


Project timeline: September - December 2020





What is ‘Raising the Bar Together’? Disabled artists are often being unintentionally excluded within the art world due to a lack of knowledge and understanding. The project will consider what represents best practice when working with disabled artists, and aim to produce a toolkit for artists, galleries, curators, and organisations to help them identify unwitting barriers, creating a level playing field for all.


The project consists of 4 artists working in collaborative pairs to document the process of creating work that considers the concept of ‘Raising the bar Together’. A starting point could be considering what the bar is, how the bar could be raised, challenges that may arise and positive outcomes. The resulting work and documenting process will then be developed into a toolkit, which will be freely distributed.


Artists with differing experiences of disability will be chosen to work in collaborative pairs. This may be physical disability, neurodiversity, mental ill health, or no experience of disability. The final outcome and presentation of work maybe an online event, a web-book, a document, the ultimate format will be informed by the experience of and work created by the participants.


RTBT will take place fully remotely, via a mutually acceptable method chosen by the collaborating pairs, in any form that adheres to covid19 restrictions.

Who is this opportunity for? Artists who live and work in Wales that fall into one of two categories, artists who have experienced difficulty accessing creative arts opportunities due to a disability, either physically, mentally, neurologically, or in combination, and artists who do not experience any form of disability. All artists will receive a mentor throughout the project. There is a budget for access support for artists where required. Artists must be open to sharing their experiences and committed to inclusion for all.


The project is open to artists working with any visual art media, spoken or written word including but not limited to performance, film, sculpture, painting, installation, photography, documentation of process based practice etc.


If you would like to help create change, where artists are encouraged to work within their own personal health limitations, are nurtured rather than pushed to fit into boxes defined by others, whilst still taking creative risks, then we would like to hear from you.


We welcome applications from individual artists and pairs of artists that fit the brief of one disabled artist and one artist not identifying as disabled. We also welcome applications from all walks of life and experience. We are committed to providing a level playing field / equal opportunity for all and welcome applications from all walks of life including but not limited to artists from Black, Asian and ethnically diverse backgrounds, artist from lower social economic backgrounds, d/Deaf artists, neurodiverse artists, artists with disabilities or long term health difficulties and artists with LGBTQIA+ identities. In short, it’s about being kind and welcoming everyone.


How to apply:

Please send a written (PDF, no more than 3 pages including images), audio or video file (no more than 5 mins long)

Please tell us…


Who you are:

Include your chosen name, email address and website if you have one

If you experience disability tell us how you have experienced barriers to applying or being chosen for artists opportunities.


A bit more about you:

Why do you want to be involved in this project? Why is it important to you at this time and what experience could you bring to it? What do you think you could gain from such a project?


Your work:

Tell us about or show us your work. You may want to talk about your practice generally and illustrate it with some images of individual pieces or let us know about a project that you feel was particularly successful. You are welcome to include links to your work.  


Please email your application to [email protected]


If you are applying using the format of video or audio, please send a link rather the actual file.

All applications will be considered by Gaia Redgrave, Chris Mooney-Brown (Co-Founder & Company Director, g39, Cardiff) and Mike Layward (Artistic Director of Disability Arts in Shropshire (DASH)). We aim at informing all artists of the outcome by 14th September.  


Questions? Please do get in touch:

If you have any questions about the project, application process or access requirements including requiring this call in a different format (large print, audio, Welsh Language) please email [email protected]


RTBT is the brainchild of artist Gaia Redgrave and is being supported by g39, DAC and funded by Arts Council Wales.


Gaia Redgrave graduated in 2012 as a mature student with a First-Class honours’ degree from Birmingham City University. After experiencing a number of years being excluded from arts opportunities due to her disabilities (neurodiversity, sensory processing difficulties coupled with physical issues) she was commissioned by Home for Waifs and Strays to produce work to be delivered in a new innovative manner that supports the practice of disabled artists. Following this event Gaia has focused her work on raising awareness of the difficulties that disabled artists experience gaining opportunities, showing work and accessing artist / gallery spaces.


Recently, she presented at Making Space, (an Unlimited Connects event in Wales), an event for galleries, curators and arts organisations to learn more about creative possibilities when working with disabled artists and open a dialogue between the two. She is also supported by g39, Cardiff and Disability Arts Cymru (DAC) and is a finalist in the DAC 2020 art prize. www.gaiaredgrave.co.uk


Raising the Bar Together was made possible through funding from the Arts Council of Wales’s National Lottery Fund. #NationalLottery

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Twitter (English): @Arts_Wales_

Instagram: @celfcymruarts

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