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Live Screen @ The Herbert is here!


Commissioned by Home for Waifs & Strays with the help of DASH and The Herbert 4 brand new performances we have commissioned from artists who have difficulty leaving their homes for periods of time due to disability, We artists will each develop a new performance that will be streamed live into the Herbert Museum and Art Gallery, Coventry.


Through this project Home for Waifs & Strays are endeavouring to push the boundaries of accessibility in creating and delivering performance.

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Developed specifically for Live Screen at the Herbert, the Ma of Equilibrium is a game of Monkey Mind Says


One artist

Two persona

One performance

And an audience


Join the group to join the game taking place at Live Screen at the Herbert, Coventry on 16th March 2018. 7.00-8.00pm. Interact from your phone or from the laptop in the gallery or from the comfort of your own home. Be part of the performance.


The monkey mind by nature is a slippery character. A rational mind experiencing Aspergers creates its own challenges, when interacting with each other this creates a mine field of a reality with all of its triggers, reactions and pitfalls.


The Ma of equilibrium is the interaction between two persona trying to maintain a balance of mind and physical body. Fill the spaces between the two persona with your questions, comments and other interactions. Communicate with both and experience a view of the mind

Join the game, experience the process.


During the performance an imprint of the process will be made within the space so anyone that is not physically present at the gallery during the performance may also enter into the ‘spirit’ of the event. It is intended that a limited number of imprints will be available to purchase shortly after the event.





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The Ma of Equilibrium